About Elevate

Psych Congress Elevate was launched in 2017 to provide a forum for early career and future-focused mental health clinicians to meet, discuss, network, and advance their careers and the field of mental health.

Now in its seventh year, Elevate has become THE meeting for clinicians who are ready to ask difficult questions in order to find bold new answers. In four transformative days, attendees gain cutting-edge tools and treatment strategies that leave them empowered and excited to take their career to the next level.

About HMP Global

HMP Global is the force behind Healthcare Made Practical, and is a multichannel leader in health-care events and education, with a mission to improve patient care. The company produces accredited medical education events and clinically relevant, evidence-based content for the global health-care community across a range of therapeutic areas. Its brands include Consultant360, the year-round, award-winning platform relied upon by primary care providers and other specialists; Psych Congress, the largest independent mental health meeting in the U.S.; EMS World Expo, the largest EMS-dedicated event in the world. For more information, visit hmpglobal.com.

About HMP Education

HMP Education is a leading provider of accredited continuing medical education across a spectrum of therapeutic areas. HMP Education works with top medical faculty to design and deliver education that provides practical, real-world training, covers the latest techniques and treatments, emphasizes best practices, and strengthens practitioner awareness of evidence-based care. HMP Education is a subsidiary of HMP Global. For more information, visit hmpglobal.com/hmp-education.